When we look at a person’s face, we elicit from the information that is visually presented to us to judge and assume facts about that person. Take me for example. One look at my face and you’ll elicit that I am a woman. Take a second look and you’ll piece together that my black hair and dark brown (smallish) eyes are features of my Asian ethnicity. You might then get a glance at my name ‘Yong-Li Zhou’ and in your mind you have ticked that “she is definitely Chinese” box. You would be correct to assume all of the above.
Except, there is one more thing.

I am Australian

Born and bred an Aussie girl, it may not be a part of me that you realise is there until you hear my accent, but if there was ever one thing I wanted you to know about me, it would be for you to know that being Australian is central to who I am.
And this is what our new face mask campaigns are all about. Central and core to who we are at Enbacci and who Enbacci itself is is Australian. It is the roots and the foundation upon which the brand is built, not only in the sense of the company being an Australian company or having products which are solely made and produced here in Australia, but also in the sense of us, the co-founders. We are representative of a small portion of Australia.
At our pre-launch event, we invite you to discover the other faces of Australia.