Latest Tech in Skin Firming: Saponaria Pumila Stem Cells

Latest Tech in Skin Firming: Saponaria Pumila Stem Cells

Yong-Li Zhou

The Saponaria pumila is a perennial plant of the alpine mountains. The flowers of these plants are a deep rose pink flower with small fleshy leaves. It has survived through the extreme weathers of the last ice age by moving to rare ice-free peaks called nunataks. Exposure to extreme cold temperatures and high amounts of UV radiation, the Saponaria pumila has adapted to these challenging environments by developing protective and repair mechanisms.

It is for this reason that we have chosen to use the Saponaria pumila in our new *Complete Body Firming Lotion. Research has shown that the stem cells extracted from this plant has the ability to protect our skin from daily environmental challenges, whilst also helping to increase skin density, skin elasticity and firmness.

The Complete Body Firming Lotion is the first all-over body product to be introduced into the Enbacci Skincare line of products. Taking ingredients that have traditionally been reserved for the face, we have decided to harness the power of plant stem cells and incorporate them into a hydrating body lotion.

*The Complete Body Firming Lotion is available in-store only at 552 High Street, Prahran. 


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