After years of suffering with her sensitive skin, Nan Chen was determined to create something that would not leave her skin, red, irritated and with open sores.

Together with her daughter, Enbacci was created. After a year of research, product development and design, Enbacci was launch in October 2013.

Our mission is to create innovative Australian luxury skincare.

The founders wanted to create something that was uniquely and proudly Australian knowing that Australia has bountiful access to resources and is equipped with some of the best infrastructure. As advocates of innovation, the founders look for premium and technologically advanced ingredients to add to their skincare line.


Enbacci Co-Founders

Nan Chen and Yong-Li Zhou are a Melbourne Mother-Daughter duo.

Nan has a background in fashion design and has worked as a Manager for numerous luxury boutiques before starting her own businesses.

Yong-Li has a Diploma in Personal Care Development and certification in Advanced Skin Science.

Their knowledge together has allowed them to build on of Australia's leading luxury skincare brands.