Sara Saunders - The Mum Who Didn't Know It All

Sara Saunders, author of There Once Was an Orangutan and Melbourne Mummy Blogger currently lives her life by the quote “within the child lies the fate of the future” (Maria Montessori). With two young children, a four-year old son and 18-month old girl, Sara is conscious of taking the time to reflect on what kind of citizens she is raising and learning their potentials. It is therefore not surprising to see how this translates to her work and current passion projects, whereby she dedicates her work and efforts towards the promotion of understanding of sustainability to children through early childhood services and education.

Sara attributes her passion of conservation to having grown up in rural Victoria. She grew an appreciation for nature and it was instilled in her from a young age to care for the environment that we live in, hence driving her passion for developing awareness for conservation. Combining her love of our Earth and her motherly instincts, Sara works with teachers in educating them on how they can best get their students to reflect on sustainability issues.

Whilst endeavoring on her next book, The Chronicles, which celebrates each child’s strength and uniqueness, Sara enjoys being able to watch her two kids take in the wonders of the world. Whether a negative of positive experience, Sara explains that one of her favourite things about being a Mother is seeing how the minds of her children work. Sara is currently gathering a bank of stories and shared experiences for The Chronicles in the hope that it will help prepare parents for the realities of parenthood, particularly the social and emotional journeys that may be encountered.

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