Everything You Need to Know About Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a North-American native tree and its water in skincare is full of active components with great properties such as:
- anti-inflammatory, which may help to reduce the puffiness and soothe the under-eye area 
- antioxidant
- it can help with improving skin tone
- anti-bacterial, its tannins' antibacterial properties may help with the reduction of bacteria growth on the skin and relieve inflammation from it
- witch hazel can also help to heal damaged skin by tightening up the skin proteins, which creates a protective layer 

Witch Hazel should in some cases be used carefully. Since is it an astringent, it is often not recommended to be used if you have very dry skin or very sensitive skin, as it contains tannins that are known to be drying and is often distilled with alcohol (ethanol), which can potentially sensitise your skin to stressors. 

Ultimately, if you feel no irritation from it and know your skin can handle it, it is a great antioxidant tool and paired with other hydrating components can balance out its astringent effect to get the full benefits from the witch hazel.

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