Fruit Stem Cells in Skincare Explained

‘Fruit stem cells’ have been advocated as a new buzzword among skincare circles over the last couple of years, but what is so special about these fruit extracts and how do they improve the quality of your skin?

Unlike other cells, stem cells possess the unique ability to produce copies of themselves over extended periods of time. Found in multicellular organisms such as plants and mammals, stem cells have the specialised power to “differentiate” or change into different types of cells. They also yield the regenerative ability to self-renew by producing more stem cells.

While stem cell research has inflamed an ethical debate surrounding the use of embryonic human stem cells and its potential in future regenerative medicine, in other areas like skincare, the new extraction technology has instigated many exciting innovations through the recognised benefits of utilising plant and fruit stem cell ingredients to improve product value.

Skin cells grow and shed at fast rates. It takes about 30 days for the entire epidermis, comprising of the most outer layers of skin, to be replaced by new cells. Each time the skin rejuvenates in this way, the delicate layers of fresh skin run the risk of damage. These risks are worsened with age as skin turnover rates slow significantly over time.

Research indicates that about 80 per cent of ageing occurs as a result of ultraviolet radiation (UV) stress. UV exposure generates toxins and harms skin cells which further impact the stem cells’ function in restoring the skin.

 This is where the fruit stem cells come into play. The application of products containing stem cells, which are characterised by their regenerative role, encourages the growth of skin stem cells, protects the skin and slows the formation of new wrinkles.

In skincare, stem cells are typically obtained from plants and fruits that can stay fresh for a long time or regenerate on their own such as apples, gotu kola herbs and grapes.

Enbacci’s products more specifically embrace stem cells that are derived from a cultivated grape of the Gamay family. High in anthocyanin pigment, this antioxidant-rich ‘purple’ grape variety helps protect the skin from UV exposure, free radicals and environmental toxins.

Research suggests grape extract also stimulates cells to produce more collagen and elastin proteins which further help strengthen and shape the cells, for overall healthier looking skin.


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