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Skin Toning vs Body Toning

In my recent interview with Ticker News Co host, Adrian Franklin, I highlighted the difference between skin toning and firming versus body toning and firming. Skin toning refers to the texture and complexion of the skin, whereas body toning is achieved through muscle strengthening and condition (AKA exercise). Brands often conflate the two in order to mislead consumers. I am here to point out that unfortunately, a topical product, such as a body cream or lotion, cannot physically tone your muscles. Does that mean you should forego a firming body lotion all together? Absolutely not. As the largest organ of our body, we should be caring for the skin on our body in the same way as we care for the skin on...

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Fruit Stem Cells in Skincare Explained

‘Fruit stem cells’ have been advocated as a new buzzword among skincare circles over the last couple of years, but what is so special about these fruit extracts and how do they improve the quality of your skin? Unlike other cells, stem cells possess the unique ability to produce copies of themselves over extended periods of time. Found in multicellular organisms such as plants and mammals, stem cells have the specialised power to “differentiate” or change into different types of cells. They also yield the regenerative ability to self-renew by producing more stem cells. While stem cell research has inflamed an ethical debate surrounding the use of embryonic human stem cells and its potential in future regenerative medicine, in other...

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