Green Tea and You

Green Tea and You

Yong-Li Zhou

Green tea has been a part of my diet ever since I can remember. It was and continues to be my go to hot (and sometimes cold) beverage. Green tea is an ancient herbal drink that originated from China. In the past decade, drinking green tea has become a growing phenomena with a lot of research showing the benefits of green tea for our body. The pros of green tea are endless, so here are some of our reasons for drinking green tea.

  1. Anti-inflammatory - green tea can help to reduce redness and to help clear the skin for those who may suffer from acne.
  2. Delays the signs of ageing - for some people, this may be the best part about drinking green tea! Green tea is high in antioxidants which can help scavenge free radicals, decreasing the rate of ageing in our skin. This is one of the reasons why it is an essential ingredient in products like our Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating 3-Step System.
  3. Abundant in minerals -  you may have recently seen the craze over matcha powder. Matcha powder is essentially a type of green tea that is high in minerals such as B vitamins. One of my new favourite go-to teas other than the good old tradition stuff from China is from In 2 Tea. Their tea is naturally powdered and is full of antioxidant and other mineral goodness. It is also individually packed into sachets for convenience. Click here to check out their website and products.
  4. Weight loss - recent research suggests that drinking green tea can help to burn the amount of fat during a workout. Whilst we are unsure of the specifics of this, I don't think drinking a good amount of green tea can hurt.
  5. Increased energy - green tea is a good source of caffeine and a good alternative to energy drinks or if you don't particularly like the taste of coffee.

The benefits of drinking green tea are endless and at current, there is no evidence to suggest harmful effects of drinking green tea (except for the caffeine perhaps keeping you up at night). Below are some links to interesting reads about green tea if you want to know more.

Happy drinking!


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Photo credits Yong-Li Zhou

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