Protecting Your Hands

There is a lot of focus in the current market on providing anti-ageing remedies or promise of youthful looking skin on the face. Due to this, we quite often forget that ageing isn't a one stop shop. You will notice it on other parts of your body, and in particular, your hands. We can get the occasional nip and tucks on our faces but on our hands, it is maybe a step that we aren't quite ready to experience or fork out the money for.

Our hands are regularly exposed to a variety of environments. From the things we touch to the things we wash our hands with, it can be quite damaging to the skin. It is for this reason that Enbacci introduced two hand creams in our basics skincare range. We consider it to be a basic product that should be kept at hand.

We have designed two formulas. The Moisturising Hand and Nail Cream has a dry touch, meaning it does not leave a greasy feeling and will not transfer onto the handle of your brand new leather bag but keeping the hands hydrated all at the same time.

Moisturising Hand and Nail Cream ($23)

Our second hand cream which is a little pride and joy of ours is the Brightening Hand and Nail Cream SPF15. Yes, that's right. It has an SPF in it. It is easier to keep our faces protected with an SPF as there are so many multipurpose coverage products out there and we are not constantly washing it off. So, we thought it was time to develop a multipurpose hand cream and protect against that tanned driving arm. This formula also contains light reflecting particles that help give your hands a younger and more youthful looking appearance.

Brightening Hand and Nail Cream SPF15 ($23)

Remembering to use a hand cream can be a tricky thing for some individuals. Keeping it at hand is key. Keep a tube at your desk so that you can regularly apply throughout the day, or keeping one in the bathroom or around the kitchen sink could help remind you to reapply moisture after washing your hands. Leave comments below for what your tips are for keeping your hands soft and supple.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to show your hands as much love as you show your face. Each part of your body deserves just as much loving as the other.

Good luck!


Photo by Yong-Li Zhou

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