Importance of Cleansing Before Working Out

So often we think we are doing the right thing by taking the time during our lunch break or after work to go and work out. As great as this is, are you taking the time to take your cleanse your skin beforehand? I know I am sometimes guilty of this, wearing makeup from the day whilst exercising.

If you wear makeup whilst exercising, the makeup forms a barrier on your skin blocking your pores. As you exercise, your body starts to get warmer and you begin to perspire. Whilst sweating is a great way to detoxify the body, perspiration, mixed with oils and makeup make it an ideal environment for bacteria to grow leaving you with a breakout. If you don't feel like you have the time to cleanse your face properly, keep some makeup removing wipes in your gym bag and give your face a good swipe before getting your sweat on.

Cleansing after a work out is just as important as cleansing before working out. After a exercising, your pores would be enlarged. This would make it easier for sweat, dead skin cells and other bacteria to settle in. It is recommended that you shower within the first hour after exercising to cleanse your body of any sweat and excess debris.

Next time you hit the gym, prioritise your skin. Show it a little TLC and your skin will show you love in return.


Photo credit Yong-Li Zhou

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