Long-Haul Skincare Regime

Whilst we all look forward to that holiday in a far off land, the long distance flying is something we may not be all too excited about. So why not use that time doing a little something for our skin? Have you ever felt your skin become so dry that it gets oily on a flight? Here is the lowdown of a skincare regime you can do on your next long-haul flight.

1. Clear the skin - before I get on my long haul flight, I will remove all makeup from my face. Yes, I go on the plane with a bare face (no makeup...nada...). If you don't have the time to do this however, I sometimes carry some face wipes in my carry-on luggage. Give your face a quick swipe with a face wipe to start off your journey.

2. Apply a mask - keep your skin hydrated during the flight with a mask. Go for something more hydrating like our Detoxifying Clay Mask. Unlike other clay masks, our Detoxifying Clay Mask is hydrating whilst still drawing impurities out of the skin, and it has the added benefit of drying clear so you can rest at ease in your seat without those awkward glares.

MASK3. Don't forget your hands! - we often forget our hands in almost everything we do. Remember, they are the only things that will give away our age so apply Enbacci's Moisturising Hand and Nail Cream generously on your flight.HAND
4. Tone the skin - after removing the mask, tone and balance your skin with the Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence. You can also use this throughout the flight to keep refreshed and hydrated.
5. Moisturise - the last step of your long-haul skincare regime is to moisturise your skin. Use Enbacci's Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essential Crème to keep your skin hydrated.Creme copy

If you don't already have one, give this long-haul skincare regime a go on the way to your next holiday destination. We would love to hear how you go so share it with us on Instagram #enbaccidoeslonghaul and don't forget to tag us @enbacci.


Photo credit Yong-Li Zhou

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