Men! (And Your Skin)

We know that men and women are physiologically built differently. From different reproductive organs to difference in muscle build, it is not surprising that differences between our skins also exist. The difference between men and women’s skin is fundamentally underlined by androgens.

Men’s skin often appears “thicker” than that of women’s skin. This can be explained by the larger quantities of testosterone in men. As a result of the testosterone, there are typically more and larger sebaceous glands in men than there are in women. Sebaceous glands are located in the dermis, which is responsible for about 90% of the skin's thickness. As sebaceous glands are responsible for oil production, men's skin may also be more prone to oily skin.

Testosterone is also an important hormone in the production of hair. Due to such hair growth, men typically have a denser network of collagen and elastin fibres, thus making the skin appear thicker again.

So what do men need to do about their skin? Whilst skin between men and women may differ, the needs and way in which we care for our skin stays primarily the same. In order to maintain healthy skin, men should also have a regular routine. The basics include a cleanser - to prevent build up of debris from clogging the pores of the skin, and a moisturiser - to ensure hydration of the skin is maintained. We emphasise the importance of finding products that suit you and your particular skin. When choosing what products to buy, it is more important to know your skin type and be aware of any skin conditions you may have than it is to buy a product that may be marketed towards your gender.

Special attention shoud be made when it comes to purchasing products for shaving. There is research that suggests men’s skin typically cannot repair themselves as readily as women’s skin. It is therefore important to include products such as shaving cream to provide a pre-shaving barrier. (Click the link to read our article Shaving Tips And Tricks to know a little more about what shaving does to your skin and how we can protect it.) Also be mindful of after shave products as many of them contain alcohol, which can aggravate the skin causing redness and dryness.

To the gentlemen out there, we'd love to know what your regime includes. Let us know through the comments below what your favourite products are and why.

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