Shaving Tips And Tricks

With a surge of hair removal techniques entering our market place, sometimes it is still easier and quicker just to revert to a good old shave. It is definitely my preferred method of hair removal whilst travelling. Whether you are a gentleman wanting to remove that overnight stubble or you are a lady looking to keep your legs silky smooth, here are some of our shaving tips.

  1. Exfoliate before shaving - exfoliating helps to remove the build up of dead skin cells that may be sitting on the skin. During shaving, these skin cells could clog up with razor making it difficult to achieve a close shave. Using a body scrub or dry brushing the body can help achieve this. Check out our articles on both by clicking the links.
  2. Soften the hair with water - hair is naturally quite strong, however, it is at its weakest when wet. This therefore makes the hair easier to cut whilst shaving. Shaving in the shower is ideal for this reason. However, if you are pressed for time, using a hot damp cloth and leaving it on the area you want to shave for a few minutes should also do the trick.
  3. Use coconut oil - applying coconut oil to the skin not only helps to nourish the skin, but it also provides a good shaving surface, preventing nicks and razor burns. You can also hop into the shower with the oil and it will still provide you with a good shaving surface. Olive oil is also a good alternative.
  4. Change razors regularly - after a few uses, razors can become dull and blunt, resulting in less effective shaves. It could also lead to nicks in the skin as the razor becomes jagged and uneven.
  5. Shave against hair growth - to achieve a close shave, you want to shave against the direction in which your hari grows. On legs, you want to shave from feet to hip. Armpits may have a couple of directions so it would be important to change the direction of your razor accordingly.
  6. Moisturise after shaving - As there tend to be fewer oil glands along the legs and arms of the body, moisturising would be a good idea to rehydrate the skin from the abrasion of shaving.

Do you have any shaving tips? Share it with us in the comments below or share with us some of your other favourite hair removal tools and tricks.

Good luck!

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