A Body Scrub And Its Wonders

Just as we try to incorporate a facial scrub on a weekly basis, we should also look to include a body scrub. Indulging in a body scrub at least once a week shares the same benefits as it does on our face.

The granules and particles in a body scrub is typically larger than the ones you will find in your face scrub. This is because the skin on our body is typically not as delicate as the skin on our face. The particles help to remove dead skin cells from the surface of our skin. Your skin will look and feel rejuvenated. Applying a body moisturiser after scrubbing will also ensure moisture is returned to the skin, making it appear healthy and supple.

Using circular motion is highly recommended when scrubbing the body. By moving in circular motions, we are not only promoting blood flow, we are promoting movement of the lymphatic system, helping to detoxify the body.

The only time it is recommended not to use a body scrub is if you have a sunburn or recently shaved. Scrubbing on already irritated skin could cause further irritation and damage. The ingredients present in the scrub could also aggravate the skin. Nonetheless, there are too many good reasons not to scrub, so try to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

There are many brands of body scrubs out there, as well as a number of DIY recipes. We would love to know which is your favourite and why, so share by commenting below.

Good luck!

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