Bloggers United Brisbane 2016

Enbacci attended the Bloggers United Brisbane event held last Sunday 29th of May in Brisbane. The event was held at the The Fox Hotel in South Brisbane. It is a quaint little corner bar/pub that hosts events in its upper levels.

The event was organised by founders Nikita and Jasmine, as well as the Brisbane State Representatives Tahana and Zebby (click names for links to their Instagram accounts).

From left to right: Tahana, Jasmine, Nikita and Zebby

There were many brands in attendance. Each brand had a representative that took turns up in front of bloggers to talk about their brand and their products. Enbacci was there educating everyone on the importance of not only a skincare regime, but a deep cleansing regime.




It was a lovely event to network and meet so many new faces as well as catch up with some old ones. As a brand representative, it was also nice to be able meet other individuals within the industry and to learn about their products and their achievements. Thank you to all the bloggers who came up to chat to me after my presentation. It is always a nice feeling to have other people interested in your work and enjoy using the products just as much as I enjoyed developing them. I look forward to crossing paths again with both bloggers and brand representatives again in the future.

If you are a blogger (or just anyone who is in need of new lifestyle, beauty, fitness or food blogger to follow), I would recommend that you check out Bloggers United AU. I have worked closely with Nikita and Jasmine (click on their names for links to their blogs) on a number of occasions and they are two of the most hard working people you will meet out there.


Photo credit Peter Cabral Photography

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