Preventative Ageing

Preventative Ageing

Yong-Li Zhou

Ageing is a natural process that occurs in our body. Wrinkles and fine lines are all just signs of degenerative changes in our skin. Whilst we aren't as technologically advanced enough to stop the ageing process, there are ways in which we can reduce the rate of ageing in our appearance. External factors such as the environment, nutrition, lifestyle habits and sun exposure can all impact changes in our skin. Here are some of our key tips for keeping your skin healthy and supple.

  1. Sunscreen up - UV damage is the number one cause for ageing skin. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen and try to incorporate it into your morning routine.
  2. Keep hydrated - keeping yourself hydrated means keeping your cells and skin hydrated. Topical applications such as moisturisers and serums can help, but why not start from the inside.
  3. Eat foods high in antioxidants - examples of such foods are blueberries, artichoke and broccoli. You can also look for ingredients in your skincare (like green tea) as a topical application.
  4. Get facials or deep cleanse regularly - removing build up debris on the skin allows it to breath and also allows the cells to work and regenerate effectively. For a guide on how to deep cleanse, have a read of our article The Importance of Deep Cleansing.
  5. Sleep - getting a good nights sleep is essential to keeping a balanced body. When we lose sleep, our hormones go wacky causing stress and therefore ageing on the skin. For more information about getting a good nights sleep, check out our article The Importance Of Sleep For Your Skin and 5 Foods To Improve Your Sleep.

Whilst you may not see the effects of these immediately (depending on your current age), it is something that you will definitely appreciate as you transition into your maturer years.

Good luck and be happy and healthy!


Photographed by Myles Formby Photography

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