If You’d Lemme Lemon?

Lemon is an essential juice for the body.  Upon reception, it is hungrily received by the small intestine and by extension, the skin.  It is the nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals that can be found in lemons, that act as a phenomenal surging elixir for  the body.
As skin is the  largest organ of our bodies, just as much emphasis should be placed on what you consume and nourish your body with as the exterior products you use to maintain and refine it’s surface.
One of my favourite memories with this particular fruit is as a child.  My father used to thinly slice lemon before dipping each slice into a pot of honey for my siblings and I.  This was to ensure we ate healthily and that the sour taste of the lemon slices was masked with something also nutritious

Include lemon into your daily routine and you could experience it’s wondrous benefits in the following ways:

  • Aids oral health - The high content of vitamin C in lemon create an acidic environment hard for bacteria to thrive in, whilst the sour taste will stimulate the production of saliva to prevents dry mouth.
  • Vitamin C stimulates white blood cell production, vital for your immune system to function properly. As an antioxidant, vitamin C also protects cells from oxidative damage. Plus, getting enough vitamin C helps the immune system to keep colds and flus away.
  • Cut through fat and cellulite tissue to assist weight loss, especially when taken first thing in the morning before breakfast.
  • Lemons are one of the best alkalising foods out there.  An overabundance of acid in the body from unhealthy eating can cause a range of dire health problems such as Alzheimer, obesity, cancer and diabetes. Lemon water neutralises these acids.
  • Aids digestion - The juice of a lemon is similar to the digestive juices found in the stomach, it tricks the liver into producing bile, which helps keep food moving through the body and gastrointestinal tract smoothly.
  • Reduces cardiovascular disease and stroke by decreasing low-density lipoprotein (cholesterol).
  • Citric acid found in lemon assist with the removal of abnormal calcium stones in the bloodstream.  It has a unique ability to form soluble complexes with calcium that many have used to eliminate pancreatic stones and kidney stones. 


      So here’s how to do it.  Pour half a lemon’s juice into a cup of warm water and stir.  Best enjoyed in the mornings as an healthy alternative to coffee.  For something slightly sweeter add in a teaspoon of honey.  If you fancy something with a bit more of a kick, add some sliced ginger.

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