Shaving for the Modern Man

As someone who doesn’t have much time for myself, I find the idea of a full scale shaving regime enough to make my head spin.  I normally leave five minutes or so each morning for my facial routine (cleansing, moisturising and so forth) and same each night before I sleep.  A proper shaving procedure would take a good twenty or so minutes.  In essence, shaving can be quite time consuming and is just not always a feasible task.

In the effort to save some time, I did a little research on the evolution of shaving for the modern gentleman.  After a little intense reading and product analysis in the current market, I discovered that I can combine both my facial grooming with my shaving regime together with the products I’m currently using for cleansing and cut my normal time by more than half the time I would take normally.  It might not seem like a lot to most people, but huge for someone like me.

Before beginning any definitive shaving regime, it is important to have a trusty razor or blade that works for your face shape.  Especially if you are  a beginner, it’s always better to have a razor with a few blades to guarantee a close and clean shave.  What has also regained popularity in recent years are the old fashioned straight razors.  Recalling imagery of barbers from Trumper's of Piccadilly and James Bond, there’s a certain elegance that comes from using so sharp a tool to shave your own facial hair.  A word of caution though, try shaving across a fully inflated balloon first before your own skin.  It’s a delicate process that can easily go awry without proper skills.

But back to the shaving regimen.  Here’s how I do it: 

      Step 1.
      I start off with a gentle wipe of the face with a warm Egyptian Cotton towel, before messaging in a circular motion from the neck up with a gentle scrub (Enbacci Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Scrub).  The warm towel softens the hair and dilates the pores, whilst the exfoliating scrub removes the layer of the dry dead skin allowing the shaving blades to glide across the surface and cut the hair smoothly without any friction.
      Step 2.
      Instead of shaving agent (cream or oil), opt for a gentle foaming cleanser. I use Enbacci’s Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser.  A gentle foaming nature allows for clear visual for an accurate and close shave without cutting oneself in the process.  It’s paramount to always guide the blade along the grain (direction of your hair growth) with a good quality razor to avoid adding pressure against the skin surface.  With this I can both cleanse and shave in one easy step. 
      Step 3.
      The natural astringent in the Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence aids in the removal of impurities and clearing the pores. It can also be use as a post-shaving toner prepping the skin for hydration, which is an extremely crucial phase of the regime.
      Step 4.
      Unlike oil and creams, the gel cleanser is light and gentle as to the essence.  This prevents any clogging of pores and dehydration of the skin, but is powerful enough to cleanse the skin deep down.  Hence, does not require a rich heavy moisturiser to re-hydrate the skin, which can ruin sensitive skin by clogging pores.  Enbacci’s Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essential Creme is dense in texture but light on application with maximum hydration abilities.

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