Kelly Barrett - Ultimate #TrueRad Mama

Last year, I was privileged enough to meet Kelly at The League of Extraordinary Women Run the World event. Kelly was only just beginning her passion project of creating her own lingerie label after having been in the industry for over 15 for years. Today, Kelly has successfully launched her brand Silent Arrow, creating not only wearable and accessible lingerie, but also a platform where boundaries can be pushed.  

We live in a world where women often edit their feelings, beliefs and expressions. Having identified this, Kelly wants to empower women and encourage them to express themselves. Her philosophy extends to raising her children. Kelly recalls that her favourite aspect of motherhood is learning from her children and watching their personalities unfold. It’s a refreshing approach to motherhood where she isn’t dictating their personalities.

Creating empowering lingerie is not all this #truerad mother of three strives to achieve with Silent Arrow. Passionate about social justice, Kelly compiled boxes of underwear from excess stock in her other business as donations for charities supporting women in need. Blown away by the amazing feedback and response she was receiving from these charities, some of which had never received donations of underwear, she made it her mission to extend the movement.

Kelly decided that with Silent Arrow, she was going to give back by filling the gap and donating underwear on a larger scale. Today Kelly donates one pair of underwear for every single item sold through Silent Arrow, creating a resource for women’s charities. These charities support domestic abuse shelters, teenage girls in foster care and homeless women.

For these donations, she created a unique pair of cotton stretch underwear designed to be super comfortable, but also practical. Going the extra mile, Kelly has included a message on the inside to reach out to the woman receiving them, reading simply “you are loved”.  

Kelly is a firm believer in people supporting each other because ultimately, we are all connected. Over the next 10 years, Kelly aims to donate over a million pairs of underwear to women in need, which you can read more about on her website

Kelly recently launched a maternity range for those mums out there who want something a little edgier than the traditional ugly maternity bras. With many mums feeling like they disappear post-birth, Kelly wanted to address this by creating something that says “I’m still here!”. Check out the collection on the Silent Arrow website.


Instagram: @wearesilentarrow


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  • Kelly Barrett on May 01, 2017

    Thanks so much for this Yong Li, you did an amazing job pulling this together. You are such an inspirational business woman, I feel super lucky to know you xxx

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