Saponaria Pumila Stem Cell Culture Extract

Function: skin conditioning (active)
The Saponaria Pumila, also known as the Dwarf Soapwart, is a perennial plant native to the alpine mountians. Dusty pink in colour with green fleshy leaves, this particular botanical has survived the extreme weather conditions of the last ice age by growing on rare ice-free mountain peaks called nunataks. Exposed to extreme cold temperatures and high amounts of UV radiation, the Saponaria Pumila plant adapted to this challenging environment by developing protective repair mechanisms to withstand cellular damage and self renew.
Preserved in the stem cells of the Saponaria Pumila, these distinctive survival characteristics have been scientifically proven to protect dermal skin cells from environmental induced stress, revive skin cell activity, and fortify the skin's natural defence system by improving skin elasticity and firmness.
According to a study conducted by PhytoCellTec, a mere 0.5%concentration of Saponaria Pumila stem cells can protect the dermis from UV irradiation by 35%. Using ultrasonography to measure dermal tissue in sun-damaged skin, researchers also found that skin density and firmness improved by 14% over a 28-day period when applied daily. For more information about the Saponaria pumila stem cells and the research conducted, click here.