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Bloggers United Melbourne 2016

It has a been a little over a year since Bloggers United AU had their first launch event in Melbourne. On Sunday 14th of August, 2016, Bloggers United AU brought all their hard work home and hosted their second Melbourne event. The Bloggers United team has come together with the aim to connect bloggers, vloggers, social media gurus and alike. The event was held at The Royce Hotel, which is located along St Kilda Rd. Attendees travelled far and wide to be there, some even making the trip from interstate. Brands were set up in the fashion of a boutique market place, where bloggers could interact with the representatives and their products. It provided an intimate yet social environment for bloggers and brands to...

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The Blogger and The Consumer

Over the past four decades the skincare industry has come a long way to try to fill the insatiable market of youthful appearances. So much money has been poured into the research, manufacturing, marketing and selling of skincare and cosmetic products to satisfy this desire for eternal youth. Previously, a lot of the products in the market place often make claims that can not be supported and relied on clever ad campaigns to push sales. However, as cosmetic companies vie for the consumer dollar, they have propelled the science of skincare forward with new miracle products coming on to the market at astonishing speed. Consumers are bombarded with billboards, TV advertisement, magazine ads and pop ups on the internet all...

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