The Blogger and The Consumer

Over the past four decades the skincare industry has come a long way to try to fill the insatiable market of youthful appearances. So much money has been poured into the research, manufacturing, marketing and selling of skincare and cosmetic products to satisfy this desire for eternal youth.

Previously, a lot of the products in the market place often make claims that can not be supported and relied on clever ad campaigns to push sales. However, as cosmetic companies vie for the consumer dollar, they have propelled the science of skincare forward with new miracle products coming on to the market at astonishing speed. Consumers are bombarded with billboards, TV advertisement, magazine ads and pop ups on the internet all advertising different cosmetic product promising to make you more younger and therefore more desirable (that's what they want you to think). With all of this advertising traffic in your face it is hard to know what you should spend your hard earned money on and what you should probably stay away from. Fortunately, social media has become a power onto it self in this new age. A new breed of socially conscience group of people who are not afraid to say what they believe have emerged, the Bloggers. They help people like me who is a bit jaded and cynical because of the sheer amount of life experiences I have had compounded by the number of years I have been on this earth to be bothered about being taken in by any ad campaign. They highlight products that are actually good. They take the time to do the testing, usually using themselves as guinea pigs, to give you their honest opinions. Usually, bloggers are made up of people who are passionate about the field they are report on. They are made up of people from various professional backgrounds who moved into blogging to give voice to their own knowledge and experience.

In the past, we depended on magazine editorials for products reviews and was generally disappointed when the product did not perform as was reviewed. These days, consumers seek and share information regarding products reviews independent of the producers and their known marketing avenues to get a better feel of where to spend their hard earned cash. It is much easier for consumers to air their opinions of what they find is good or not so good and they are not afraid to share it. Word of mouth does not just reach your immediate friends but can reach millions of people on a global scale. A positive review from a few reputable independent bloggers can propel a product into a global market over night and vice versa.

What is great about the era that we are currently living in is that there are so much information that we can access at our finger tips. Any person who has access to a computer and the internet can find information on how to care for their skin from the basics of staying out of the sun to what type of sunscreen is best for your geographical location and match it with the type of activity you intend to engage in. Much of this type of information are supported by bloggers who may do the research by comparing the products by performance, price and value. The power of the bloggers will continue to grow only if they continue to review independent of the producers.

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